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Custom Sandal

Whether you wear them in the house or enjoying summer weather, the biomechanical insufficiency that causes you pain and discomfort doesn't change. If you're someone looking to maintain comfort at all times consider a custom sandal. 100% made to the contours of your feet providing the support and benefits of an orthotic in a fashionable sandal!

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1) 3D Printing: The most accurate method of fabricating a custom orthotic. Using Nylon (Polypropylene alternative) or TPU (EVA alternative) we can accommodate almost every client’s individual needs. Fast, clean, and reduced waste allows a more green alternative to plastic or rubber materials.

2) CNC Milling: Using CNC milling machines to carve out orthotics that were designed and developed by us, we are able to increase turnaround time substantially (within hours if need be), modify orthotics digitally, and reduce human error to provide an accurate custom made orthotic for the clients individual needs. A fast alternative to reduce lead times.

3) Traditional manufacturing is laborious and messy but sometimes the only way to properly meet a client’s needs accurately when they suffer from certain conditions. All methods of manufacturing require skilled technicians to assemble and shape orthotics prior to being dispensed. Hand crafted workmanship, from thoroughly trained technicians, ensures a properly constructed and fully warranted product is received by all customers.