How This New Custom Orthotics Trend Could Help You

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Flat feet, Heel spur, and Bunions are just a few common problems people face with their feet. If not treated, these conditions could worsen and cause unbearable pain when walking. So to maintain comfort in your feet, orthotic footwear should be explored.

Luckily new technology such as 3D printing has enhanced custom orthotics and made them cleaner, cheaper, efficient, faster, and less labor-intensive than traditional manufacturing. However, if the design software only uses templates and contact points, the clinician may not be able to provide proper orthotics.

Therefore, at Garnet Orthopedic Solutions, we use a full-contact software design that can capture the entire foot, ensuring a custom orthotic. In addition, since we create orthotics at our on-site lab, our clients can get their customized shoes within days after their assessment.

It’s also worth realizing that the latest manufacturing technologies can be used to make footwear that is close to accurate but not 100% custom orthotics. As a result, we also utilize CNC Milling and traditional manufacturing to precisely shape orthotics for certain foot conditions.

So, if you’re facing a painful foot condition and require custom orthotics, get in touch with us today. With many years of experience, Garnet Orthopedic Solutions will help you with all your custom orthotics and compression wear needs in London, Ontario.

Our solutions include custom-made orthotics, compression garments, custom orthopedic sandals, and orthopedic shoe inserts/insoles. Our orthotics process includes referral, initial assessment, foot casting, manufacturing, fitting appointment, break-in period, follow-up consultation, review, and maintenance.

We have customers visiting us from across London, St. Thomas, Strathroy, Port Stanley, Aylmer, Exeter, Stratford, and the surrounding areas.

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