How Garnet Orthopedic Solutions Helps Clients Suffering From Leg Length Discrepancy

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At Garnet Orthopedic Solutions, our licensed Pedorthists are passionate about dispensing custom orthotics to clients. Therefore, we specialize in gait assessment, orthotic design, and orthotic fabrication.

Our team effectively manufactures orthotics using 3D printers, CNC milling, and traditional manufacturing. We can also make immediate adjustments at our on-site lab to achieve the perfect fit. In addition, we like to bring relief to clients by solving foot conditions that they may have suffered with for years. Please keep reading to learn how we help clients suffering from leg length discrepancy.

The Challenge: Clients suffer from leg length discrepancy

One of the most common ailments that other clinicians often ignore is unilateral pain and discomfort, or more pain on one side than the other. It’s often the result of having a leg length discrepancy due to sub-conscience compensation to keep the individual’s center of gravity properly centered.

For example, if one has lower back pain, or hip pain, primarily on one side, they will often have an associated leg length discrepancy. It’s usually the result of the windswept appearance, which means one foot is supinated while one foot is pronated.

This difference continues up the kinetic chain, compounding the effects of each step up, resulting in an externally rotated leg of the supinated foot and an internally rotated leg of the pronated foot. Unfortunately, this causes stress on the plantar fascia tissue, the knees, hips, and the lower back.

The Solution: Find the magic number

The textbook tells us that we can only correct a leg length discrepancy, up to 50% of the difference, unless immediately after surgery. While this is a great starting point, we’ve found that everyone has a magic number. For example, some clients can only handle a 20% correction, while others can get accommodated 100% without causing pain due to an over-correction.

When we first started in the industry, we found it challenging to work with the clients for over a month or two to find that magic number. We used to think we had to have the product put together before the client left our office. It meant modifying the orthotic shell if changes in lift height were needed.

Nowadays, we send the client away with two or three lift heights that are not constructed right into the shell and follow up with them to be sure the transition is happening gradually and comfortably.

Once we find the height that works best, we add that to the orthotic shell. It decreases time in the office for the clients and results in a better-manufactured orthotic when the magic number gets found.

The Bottom Line

We recognize the need for a lift during the assessment and explain the steps for improvement to the client before they leave. It may take ten to fourteen days, possibly longer, to find the magic number while wearing the orthotics consistently, but we persist until the client is happy with the outcome. We follow up efficiently by making custom-made orthotics for clients to pick up within five business days.

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