Should I Choose Custom Made Or Custom Modified Sandals?

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Wearing regular shoes in the home or during the hot summer weather can be uncomfortable, and that’s why many people opt for sandals that offer plenty of ventilation. However, if you suffer from a biomechanical foot condition, it’s essential to choose your footwear carefully.

At Garnet Orthopedic Solutions, we offer custom-made and custom-modified sandals to help our clients maintain comfort. Our products support the foot and offload the pressure that causes pain. Both are great options to choose from, but ultimately it comes down to your purpose and budget. Read on to learn more.

Custom Made Sandals
Custom-made sandals are 100% designed for the contours of your feet. It provides the support and benefits of an orthotic in a stylish sandal. Our custom sandals are manufactured in-house and cost $350. While custom sandals are expensive, they are made to fit snugly on your feet.

Custom Modified Sandals
Custom-modified sandals are purchased over the counter. They get deconstructed and reconstructed, with specific modifications, to match as close as possible to a custom-made sandal.

Custom-modified sandals are more economical than custom-modified sandals. However, while they are effective, they don’t always provide lasting results. The cost of custom modified sandals depends on whether you purchase them over-the-counter from us or have your own pair that requires modification. The total cost depends on the changes needed.

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