This year we welcome Sia Port, fantastic addition to our team as a intern

Author: Garnet Orthopedic Solutions |


Like all professionals, we need to start somewhere. Every year Garnet Orthopedic Solutions offers to mentor a student for their Pedorthic placement. This consists of 8 months of leading the student through A-Z of the Pedorthic world while assisting them in meeting their educational goals and program criteria. We’ve been lucky to serve as a conduit for many students and get excited every year to see a fresh face, full of energy looking to move into a career as a Pedorthist! I love participating in this program. Although I’m the mentor, I find the protege always brings a new way of looking at the issues. I learn new things every time I am lucky enough for a student to choose us; through advances in research and technology, it’s hard to keep up with the advancements. A young mind full of potential a promise always pays dividends for us as a team, but mostly to our clients by keeping us thinking in the most modern mindset available. This year we welcome Sia Port, a fantastic addition to our team as an intern (for now)!

Hi, I’m Sia!
I was born and raised in London ON and grew up playing a multitude of sports. Some of my favourites include soccer, tennis, dance, and snowboarding. I have always been an active individual with an interest in human movement and learning how that translates into healthcare. I graduated from Western University with a BA Honours Specialization in Kinesiology in 2020 and passed my Registered Kinesiologist exam in 2021. I knew I wasn’t quite done with school yet and decided to continue my education at Western University. I’m currently enrolled in the Pedorthic program, with a goal to be a practicing Pedorthist entering 2023. As part of the program, it is required to complete a practicum where my theory learned in class is put into practice, harnessing my fabrication and clinical skills in orthotic manufacturing and patient assessments.

I am very excited to be completing the practicum component of the program with Garnet Orthopedic Solutions. In my short time at Garnet, I have experienced the welcoming cohesive atmosphere between the staff and clients. The staff has been very kind to me, answering my many questions without hesitation. I appreciate that they go above and beyond, taking time out of their day to make sure I’m getting the most out of this practical learning experience. I’ve been able to sit in on patient assessments, where I’ve gained an appreciation for individual variability on a biomechanical and anatomical level. I have also learned about what to look for and ask throughout an assessment and even had the opportunity to gather experience in foam box casting. I think it’s truly incredible the difference orthotics can make in a patient’s quality of life, which adds to the rewarding nature of this profession. I am excited to be part of such an incredible team here at Garnet and look forward to the learning opportunities that are to come in these next 6 months.