What Makes Garnet Orthopedic Solutions Stand Out

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About Garnet Orthopedic Solutions

We are a custom orthotics company in London, ON, established in July 2019. In this short time, we have invested in the most modern technology to become a leader in custom orthotic assessment, manufacturing, and dispensing. Therefore, we use three different procedures to fabricate custom orthotics. Firstly, we employ the traditional method, for certain conditions that need special care. Secondly, we utilize CNC milling, a fast and accurate process that turns digital designs into precise functional polypropylene or EVA custom orthotics. Finally, we use 3D printing, the most accurate method available with infinite possibilities. Having an on-site lab to construct and modify our custom orthotics allows us to get specifically designed devices back to our clients in days, instead of weeks. Working out of the OEV Health Quarters, we’re surrounded by independent healthcare workers, including chiropractic care, physiotherapy, registered massage therapy, psychotherapy, reflexology, and coming soon dental hygiene; this helps us to create a welcoming and professional atmosphere. We’re based at 532 Adelaide St. N. in London, ON, a central location, enabling us to serve all regions of the city and surrounding area, which includes St. Thomas, Strathroy, Port Stanley, Aylmer, Exeter, and Stratford.

The Garnet Orthopedic Solutions Difference

One aspect that makes us second to none is that, as Pedorthists, we are highly trained experts in assessing gait before designing and manufacturing custom orthotics.

Every client is unique and special to us, we take our time to hear their primary concerns and connect their present pain to issues they have experienced in the past to find a solution best suited for them.

What also sets us apart is when trying to find the best solution to reconcile our clients’ issues sometimes means that they don’t utilize our services right away or at all. Instead, we refer them to another specialist that may better suit their needs. Our honest customer service has made us successful and built trust equity with our clients.

One of our most significant achievements has been renovating our building and staying operational during the pandemic, with no government assistance to date. We didn’t project that our business would grind to a halt for four months, but we overcame every hurdle.

We are also proud to be members of the Pedorthic Footwear Association of Canada and in good standing with The College of Pedorthics of Canada and The Pedorthic Association of Canada.

Our dream for the future is to continue to build our clientele through word of mouth by rendering excellent products and services. Clients can claim these services under their insurance plans as we are private health care providers.

While we are passionate about what we do, we also care about protecting the environment and minimizing our carbon footprint by utilizing 3D printers to reduce waste and recycling our wasted polypropylene and EVA when we can. In addition to the shift to 3D printing, we order compression socks as needed to reduce stock, production waste, and use any recycled products we can.

Anyone that spends time in the Old East Village understands how much of a community exists here. We believe in giving back to this community and society itself, and as part of that belief, we participate in different charitable programs that directly impact people and families. Our last event on September 25, 2021, helped The Ark Aid Mission feed the needy. A fantastic charity that has assisted people in unfortunate situations with a hot healthy meal daily, if you can please consider donating here:  https://arkaidmission.com/donations/

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